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God of War PSP delayed

Might want to hold off on that Slim & Lite; Kratos' handheld debut falls into 2008

It looks like there'll be no Kratos showing off Sony's Slim and Lite PSP this Christmas; the handheld God of War entry, Chains of Olympus has been delayed until early next year, reports Gamespot.

The new date for the portable bruiser is apparently pencilled in as March 4, 2008 in the US, with demo discs going out later this month to North American gamers who signed up online.

It's bad news for Sony then, which desperately needs triple A titles to help grow the userbase on its slick handheld - and of course push sales of the updated PSP Slim & Lite. Still, we can still look forward to Wipeout Pulse this Christmas, eh?

There's currently no word on a European date, but we'll keep you posted.