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Wolfenstein flick: "a WWII 'guys on a mission' movie"

Directory Roger Avary speaks out on the movie adaptation of id Software's FPS franchise

Roger Avary, who is sitting in the director's chair for the forthcoming movie based on id Software's Wolfenstein franchise, has described the flick as "a WWII 'guys on a mission' movie".

It "means you're going to be blowing shit up, storming bunkers, busting dams, derailing trains, and killing Nazi's", Avary told website Ain't it Cool. (Be aware there's some swearing on the page linked to).

He continued, "I love WWII films, but with Wolfenstein we get the creature effects as well, and the guys at id Software have already done all the heavy lifting for me in that department. They went to the imagination well and pulled up buckets of craziness - and as you know, I respond to crazy."

Avary said he first wanted to bring Wolfenstein and its star B.J. Blazkowicz to the big screen after playing Wolfenstein 3D, and explained he wants to be as true as possible to the spirit of the Wolfenstein franchise, and to the proud tradition of WWII 'guys on a mission' movies that inspired the game.

"Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a very specific kind of adventure, and my intent is to make an experience that's true to the franchise and very different from my other work as a director", Avary said. Shooting is planned to start next spring.