First Ferrari Challenge Wii screens

Debut shots of the official Ferrari racer on Nintendo's slim box

The PS3 version of Ferrari Challenge looks sweet, and here's the cut down but still decent-looking Wii version in the flesh.

While System 3 showed off the PS3 and DS versions of Ferrari Challenge to CVG in Italy last week, it kept the Wii version locked away.

Predictably, this version will have you holding the Remote horizontally and tilting it left and right like a steering wheel (similarly to Excite Truck) to guide your shiny red motor around the official race courses.

Mark Cale, CEO of System 3, promises that despite the graphical downgrade, the Wii version will run at 60 frames per second (the PS3 one runs at 30) and will pack all the same physics.


The realistic racing game whole in the Wii's game library will be filled when Ferrari Challenge races in later this year.

Meanwhile, you can read our preview and see in-game footage of both the DS and PS3 versions right here.