Starting a life in MySims - new video

Making a Sim, building a house and having a wander into town

We buy Sims games for our girlfriends. They're not for us. Well, not usually, but the block-building customisation mechanic of MySims makes it strangely compelling.

Here are three videos of a new CVG-made Sim named Bob being born into the world and taking his first steps into the virtual town we predictably named London.

First we make our Sim. It's super easy - you just point the Remote at the part you want to change and hit A to scroll through the selection of visual options available.

Then we have to make our house. Again, it's simple. Pick up the pieces around the grid with the Remote's pointer and click them into position. Blue bubbles show you where on your model smaller items can be attached.

You start off with a fairly basic set of blocks so it's a simple house for us. Bigger houses come when you earn the right to use more blocks.

Then we take a stroll through the park, water and shake some trees for fruits, then over to the town hall to visit the mayor.

All three videos can be found below, and you should check out our preview for loads more information.