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Rockstar's L.A. Noire slips to 2009

Team Bondi detective game slips off of Take Two's fiscal 2008 release list - Are there any Rockstar games left this year?

Rockstar and Team Bondi's detective thriller L.A. Noire has slipped out of the fiscal 2008 release schedule, meaning it wont be out until at least 2009.

The slip was announced today during a Take Two conference call - an event that seems to commonly bring bad news these days.

The game, of which we've hardly seen anything other than a few teaser trailers, is being developed by ex-Team Soho developers of The Getaway fame. It's looking like a PlayStation 3 exclusive at the moment, though we've got no idea what's taking so long to get it out the door.

You can watch the last teaser trailer here, but don't get to excited - you've got a long time to wait...