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Universe at War: New gameplay trailer

Two minutes of action from the front line - eye up Petroglyph's imminent PC RTS

It's time for a bit of good old fashioned alien invasion thanks to a new two-minute gameplay trailer from Petroglyph's RTS game Universe at War: Earth Assault.

View the trailer in our video player top-right of the page.

Universe at War is out on PC on November 2 (it's also due in 2008 on Xbox 360); it may not have emerged yet, but the developer is already working on sequels.

"At this point, if you looked at the first Universe at War game as the initial chapter in an ongoing saga, there are at least two more chapters of material we've got fleshed out," Petroglyph's creative director Adam Isgreen told us recently.

And he added that the developer has "a whole bunch of directions we can go in after that".