Gears: CliffyB reveals Lord of the Rings inspiration

The Locust essentially Uruk-hai with guns, says Gears of War's creator

Yes, knowing it, we can see it now - the Locust are clearly based on The Lord of the Rings' super-orcs.

Gears of War creator CliffyB has spoken of the influence of JRR Tolkien's work on his tip-top shooter in an interview with PC Zone magazine.

"We wanted the Locust to be intelligent savages; they're like the Uruk-hai in LOTR, only with guns", the Epic man said when asked about the game's enemies.

"The Uruk-hai would organise themselves, line up and then storm in - even though they look like horrible monsters. That's what the Locust essentially are: bipedal, thick-skinned, but also smart enough to build and use their own weaponry. They use tactics - they're not just running at you mindlessly."

In the interview, CliffyB also talks about the new content Epic has created for Gears of War single-player on PC. Read the whole kit and caboodle here.