Nintendo: "Our mission is to surprise"

Iwata says the element of surprise is key to attracting new audiences

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has said that the element of surprise is key to attracting new gaming audiences, and that the company won't start doing stuff the easy way now that it is in a position of dominance.

Speaking in an interview on Shigesato Itoi's blog, Iwata said that once you start doing stuff the easy way, "you disengage yourself with the pursuit of true entertainment", and it becomes much harder to attract new audiences.

"Our mission is to surprise people in a good way, and this became very clear as we made Nintendo DS and Wii. You can't open up a new market of customers if you can't surprise them.

"Even if we make great products, if the number of new customers doesn't increase, it won't reach people. That was clear to us, so doing the easy was not an option.

Iwata also said that Nintendo's current success made it easier for the company to try new things and avoid falling subject to sequelitis, although he acknowledged that during sterner times the company would do what was necessary to keep the ship afloat.

"I think we can say 'we won't do the easy' because we are currently making profit.

"I'm not saying that we won't create sequels to our hit games forever. However, we want to pioneer more new customers by searching new themes that succeed genres such as brain training, English training, or cooking navigator.

"If we were having a hard time, maybe we will choose the easy, so that we can make profit for certain."

Asked about the possibility of a follow-up to Wii Sports Iwata said, "We're not closing our doors to the possibility of a sequel, but it's definitely not coming out soon," adding that if a sequel were to be released, Nintendo wouldn't take the easy way out by simply adding new sports.

Article supplied by Next-Gen