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Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising

Everyone gets everything he wants. Will Porter wanted a mission, and for his sins, Codemasters gave him one

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If Codemasters manage to pull this one off, we could be looking at something not seen on the PC for a very long time. While other mainstream developers
and publishers are fervently ignoring the hardcore shooter brigade (just look at the dilution of the Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six franchises), Codemasters are showing a keen awareness that their former audience haven't gone away; they've just gone unloved for far too long.

And again, there's that concept of absolute realism - an absolute tonic in this age of auto health regeneration and easy-access save points, and a sharp reminder that PC gaming can be something more than what we're so often presented with.

"When we made the first Flashpoint, people asked us if we were glorifying war, and we said, 'No - if you play this game you will not want to go to war," says Andrew Wafer, as my allotted time at that little patch of rural England that will be forever Codemasters draws to an end.

"We've got thousands of these MPEG videos of Americans in Afghanistan and Iraq, and you should see the expression on these guys' faces! Just how nervous they are. That's what we're creating - the realism. Not the Hollywood movie." And amen to that, quite frankly.

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