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Exclusive: Lost The Game details

Plot, flashbacks and fitting in with the show - first details in next Xbox World 360

Love Lost? Blown away by the end of season 3? Hate it for never telling you anything? Just intrigued to see how the teams behind Splinter Cell and Far Cry can turn Locke, Sayid and Sawyer into digimen? Whatever your standpoint, you'll probably want to get your hands on the next issue of Xbox World 360, which spills the beans next week...

Xbox World 360 is the first magazine in the world to show the, er, world, Lost: The Game - and it all begins on Wednesday. That's the 19th, date fans.

So, as a taster of next week's big reveal, they've decided to plop a sliver of the exclusive chinwag they had with the game's development team on here. Lap it up - and then be down your local newsies first thing next Wednesday morn.

Can you play the flashbacks?
Absolutely. When you enter flashback locations everything will be quite vague and blurry, and things only become clear after specific actions are triggered. If you look carefully you may even spot some familiar castaways in those flashbacks...

... and...

What do you feel is the most important part of the game to get right?
Overall, we felt it was vital that we kept to the rules of the TV show. The Monster has to follow the same rules as the show uses. The Dharma Initiative hatches should look as they do on the series. Anything we put in the game needs to fit with the show. Along with the producers of Lost, we agreed from the start that the game can't be viewed as a little side project that doesn't count. The game does count and things you learn in the game can be applied to fans' theories about the Lost universe.