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MySims DS

In MySims, why do we smile at Sims that we'd rather kick in the eye?

Any similarities between this gameplay and Animal Crossing have got to be purely intentional. MySims on DS is like finding out that the maniac that hot-wired your car before driving it into the local orphanage is a cute puppy dog with a comedy over-sized head. On one hand, it's an evil thief that needs its head shoved in, but on the other hand, aww, it's just so cuuute!!!

Animal instincts
MySims is Animal Crossing, all right; it's largely got the same premise (flutter around your new town making friends and picking up junk for your house), it's got the same day/night cycle and it's definitely got the same visual stylisation. But MySims also shares Animal Crossing's most crucial feature; its charm.


Despite blatantly being designed up by unfeeling marketing robots, EA Japan have created a cute little world with soul. Although as a game it's fairly empty and devoid of meaning, you can't help but grin like a mouse with a wheelbarrowload of cheese while playing it.

Go, Mr Sunshine, Go!
The goalposts have been shifted somewhat on DS; your Sim begins the game by fleeing his or her hometown (in shame, no doubt) in favour of a small, rundown tourist spot that's fallen on hard times. This, you soon find out, is because it's exclusively populated by idle layabouts, so it's up to you, as the hero/heroine of the piece, to prance about making things nice and clean so tourists will flock to your shanty town.

Perform acts of kindness, like buying them bouquets of flowers or just generally holding conversations with them for a few minutes without brassing them off, and your 'star meter' will go up. In turn, this alters the layout and the fortunes of your new town as word spreads that NGamer-Upon-The-Floodplain (or whatever you've called it) is populated by such a lovely person. The rest of your time is spent playing grim minigames or decorating your little flat.

It really is Animal Crossing Lite, then, but worth a glance if you like to play games alongside your child/younger sibling, and have already overdosed yourself sick on the Pokémon.

The verdict

This version is way too lightweight to recommend it as truly entertaining outright, but what it lacks in structure, is compensated in spades by its cute charm.

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