CVG Forza Decal Contest

Feature: The votes have been counted and verified...

Back in June we asked all the hardcore Forza fans to see if they could come up with a retro CVG design using the game's incredibly details version of Paintshop Pro.

Thanks to a little nudge in the ribs we've been reminded that we hadn't ever picked out a winner. And we said we would. So we have. Read on for more.


There are some pretty talented people out there who seem to dedicated large portions of time to something they really, really shouldn't. Microsoft's Forza Motorsport 2 isn't just a fancy version of Photoshop, it's a racing game too. And a bloody good one to boot.

We had a decent response to the call to arms and you can find all the retro CVG ones below in a little montage of screenshots. But which one stood out above the rest in our humble opinion?

To find out we Sellotaped print outs of every entry to CVG Andy's naked body. The rest of the team then threw three darts each at him while he ran round the office screaming like a girl. The one with the most dart holes and blood would be crowned the - nah, only joking. HR would have us out the door before we could say "he volunteered!"


And the winner is...

Richard Bacon. Now we're sure that's not his real name as the real RB works in telly and wouldn't have enough time to do something quite as good as this. We think it captures the retro feel of CVG quite well but above everything else, it looks bloody good. Professional almost.

Congratulations Mr. Bacon you're a CVG winner. Don't you feel proud?