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Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis

Preview: Wii tennis to sink your teeth into

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We know you might be thinking that sounds rubbish because you want 1:1 control over the motion of your player, but once you get playing it really doesn't matter - the illusion is still there, you still get totally absorbed into it and we guarantee you'll have an aching arm after a few tense 60-hit rallies.

Our only concern right now is that Rockstar has online play currently pencilled down as 'unconfirmed'. You need to confirm that, Rockstar. You need to confirm it's in there or there'll be trouble.

Online issues aside, we spent all afternoon playing the game in two-player mode - that's four hours of non-stop play - and would have been quite happy to stay well into the evening. It's a good laugh and it just works.

We'll have more on Table Tennis when a more final version drops onto our laps (with online play in, fingers crossed).

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