Mass Effect: Lesbian sex CONFIRMED

BBFC rating reveals "moderate violence" and "one sex scene" between a women and humanoid female alien. Oo-eer

The BBFC's rating of Mass Effect has revealed new and tantalising plot details from the BioWare RPG, including the revelation that one hot alien sex scene contributes to its angsty 12 rating.

"The game has been classified at '12' for moderate violence and one sex scene," reads the BBFC rating. "The sex scene is triggered by the player making a series of choices about becoming more than friends with a colleague. If playing as a male character the scene can take place between him and a human woman or a humanoid female alien.

"If playing as a female character the scene can take place between her and a male human or a female humanoid alien." Let's hope it's not with a Krogan, the Pat Butchers of the stars.

"The game also contains use of the word 'bastard' and at least one aggressive use of the word 'bitch'," the listing continues. "Both of which are acceptable under BBFC guidelines at '12'."

In our recent interview BioWare doctor Greg Zeschuk hinted at gay relationships in the RPG, but didn't mention anything about the steaming lesbo nookie. "There's some interesting stuff in the game that's a little bit different. I'll leave it at that," he said.

We're guessing that because Microsoft has willingly given up the scene, it's neither that graphic, nor will it rile up another hot coffee controversy. Bugger.