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FIFA 08 Wii: 42 screens of exclusive content

Shots of the main game and Wii-exclusive content for your eyes

You want some FIFA 08 screens? Here's some for you - will 42 shots of the Wii version do?

Along with a whole bunch of screens of the main football in action, (which is coming along quite nicely) we also have screens here of the table tennis and keepy-uppy mini games that will be exclusive to the Wii version of the game.

As you will see in one shot, there are two ways to play the game on Wii. Hardcore gamers have the 'Advanced' control method that lets you take full control of the players' movement with the Nunchuk analogue stick, along with a combination of buttons and simple motion gestures to perform you usual shooting, passing and lobbing plays and tricks.


But EA's new Family Play initiative in FIFA introduces a simpler control system that allows less advanced players to play the game using just the Wii Remote. The computer moves your players around automatically, leaving you to concentrate solely on passing and shooting with Remote motions. That one's for your little brother then.

FIFA 08 is due out on pretty much every format under the sun on September 28.