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Tomb Raider Wii exclusive - the flashlight!!

New rubbish Anniversary Wii trailer shows off the exclusive flashlight... after a minute of arsing about

Eidos has released a brand new Tomb Raider Anniversary Wii trailer to show off the Wii exclusive erm, flash light.

Fair enough you say, but then you click on over to our video player on the right, start watching and wait for the flashlight. Waiting... still waiting... waiting... feeling sleepy... and there's the flashlight! (for all of three seconds)

Eidos; next time if you need a trailer cut to show something off, get us on the blower. We'll do all flashlight and not 90 percent jumping over gaps and arsing about.

Ahem. Anyway... we're hearing positive things about the Wii version of Anniversary. Apparently aiming is much improved with Wii Remote (as you'd expect) and the new motion puzzles add a bit of variety, even if it does look almost exactly like the PS2 version.

Take a look for yourself in the video on the right.