Sports Interactive: Successful? We've only just begun...

"We're not doing badly so far I suppose" says SI boss Miles Jacobson

Despite the considerable success Sports Interactive has already achieved with Football Manager since switching football management camps, it maintains the series is still only in the birthing stages.

"Have we been successful? As far as we're concerned, we've only just begun, but we're not doing badly so far I suppose", a humble Miles Jacobson, studio director at Sports Interactive, told CVG in an interview on Football Manager 2008 we'll be publishing in full shortly.

"It's nice to be no.1 in our 'market', but we're far from complacent about it. So no real secrets [to our success], just making games that we want to play, and having a passion to keep on raising the bar", he added.

When queried further about the developer's success, Jacobson explained that it's managed to get to where it is today by listening closely to the fans and mainly employing people who play its games to ensure that each game iteration is superior to the last.