Jericho faces German ban

Update: Console versions dropped, adults-only PC version to go on sale October 26

Here's a shocker for you: Clive Barker's Jericho, the ultra-gory horror FPS from Codemasters, is facing a ban from censorship-conscious Germany as its USK ratings board refuses to issue it a rating.

Update: Codemasters has told CVG: Following a review by the USK ratings board, which declined to give an official rating, Codemasters has decided not to change the artistic vision of the renowned author and filmmaker Clive Barker through cuts and extensive changes.

"Codemasters respects Mr Barker's creative ideas, despite the German distribution and marketing consequences for the title. Therefore Codemasters will release only the PC version of Clive Barker's Jericho in its original form on the 26th of October for adult gamers and Clive Barker fans." Update ends

The ESRB-equivalent ratings board's refusal to rate the game means it won't be permitted for sale in shops or on the internet.

However, unlike the Manhunt 2 ban ordeal which saw Rockstar forced into making changes to the game to receive an acceptable rating, Codemasters remains defiant in the German ruling.

Meanwhile, no such problems are expected here in UK, as the demo is due for PC and 360 tomorrow, and for PS3 here in Europe next week.