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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08

As regular as bloody Christmas

Here's what pisses me off. The 360 version of this very title enables you to plug in your 'Xbox Live Vision' camera and project your digital clone into the game. It's a good feature.

It's really fun to do, and your virtual impersonator keeps your interest while you play, acting like a tiny hypnotist, appealing to your age-old dreams of actually being in a game.

We don't get that. Oh no. Instead, we get page after page of sliders, which produce the kind of freak pictured here (we're thinking a young Clinton who let himself go, then got stung by lots of bees).


It's like EA have never heard of webcams, and can't imagine that anyone would have 'photos' of themselves on their inflexible, powerless home computer machines. 'Photo Game Face' was the most entertaining, most innovative thing about the 360 version. For EA to not transfer something they'd already put the effort into developing is like flicking us all on the nutbag. It pisses me off.

Of course, having said that, this is still a solid PC golfing game, even if it lacks the accessibility and some of the game modes and features of the 360 version. It's still enjoyable enough to play, even if generations of inbred reinvention may have left it feeling anaemic and feeble. It's fine.

I just find it impossible to believe that if you love golf games, you don't already own one that's so substantially similar to this one as to render it utterly, shabbily redundant.

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