Activision acquires Bizarre Creations

Project Gotham Racing Spider-Man edition here we come!

Like a bolt out the blue it's emerged that Activision has dipped into its piggy bank to snap up Bizarre Creations.

The Project Gotham Racing developer has described the acquisition as the "perfect solution" for the studio going forward, explaining that it's not easy being independent and that signing new games and bringing new IPs to market is "one of the most challenging things our company has ever faced."

"As I'm sure you can imagine, the most dangerous time for any independent is the period in between projects (or more precisely in between publishers)", it's added as it finishes up work on Project Gotham Racing 4.

"We've finally found a solution which allows us to not only stay as secure and profitable as we already are as a company, but also to continue to create kickass games in exactly the same way as we're doing now," Bizarre has said.

It describes the deal with Activision as "fundamentally different" to other acquisitions, explaining that it's not about it needing to be saved by a bigger corporation, nor indeed that it's in any kind of financial trouble.

"We're a dev looking to take our games to the next level, and make the absolute best products we can possibly make. Likewise, Activision is not in the business of 'buying out' struggling developers either."

Bizarre Creations will continue to exist as is following the acquisition, and the developer says it will maintain complete control over its studio and projects and that Activision takes a very "hands-off" approach to running things.

It also means the developer can truly go multiplatform now, and it's revealed that it's about to start work on two new triple-A games for Activision - "One will be a racing game, and the other a character game".

"What about the now?", the dev continues. "Firstly, Geometry Wars will remain unaffected; we'll continue to expand and advance the series just as we were going to do before. The Club will still be released with SEGA, Geometry Wars Galaxies will still be released with Sierra, and PGR4 will continue to be supported after its launch in October."

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