Questionable Geometry Wars campaign

Vivendi rides on old internet fad for embarrassing Geometry Wars: Galaxies marketing campaign

Cat photoshops used to be funny, but now the humour's officially dead thanks to the campaign for Geometry Wars: Galaxies.

The publisher has adopted the famous 'lolcat' pics for the GWCats PR campaign, with "hilarious" captions like "I'm in ur Wii, bustin' thru battelgrids".

Usually we find this sort of mischief at least mildly funny, but we can't help but think this is a suit's attempt at riding on an old internet fad.

The game itself is out on Wii in November, and looks to be a fun distraction for anyone who lost hours in the comparatively simple Retro Evolved. Can we have a full XBLA sequel now please?

You can see the whole selection below.