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In-game Quake Wars videos

It's explosions, bullets and death as we take our cameras to the finished code's front line

At 8pm tonight you'll be able to read a review of Splash Damage's Enemy Territory: Quake Wars right here on the site. But take a look at these movies first...

However, as a little teaser before the review hits - and indeed the game tomorrow - we present you with gameplay footage from the retail version of the game that we've caught on video.

Seeing as we like being in the thick of the action, we've opted to play the Soldier class (titled Agressor on the Strogg side of the war), one of the five available, that comes with all sorts of fun weapons - like a rocket launcher. Wahey!

The videos come from two battlefields out the 12 available, Outskirts and Area 22. The fomer's the level with leaden skies, and the scenario for the map reads thus: the Strogg have deployed a high ranking databrain to oversee construction of a major new facility. The GDF must attack the Strogg defences, steal the databrain and take it to a transmitter for analysis by GDF high command.

Area 22 meanwhile, where the sun shines down on war, finds the Strogg attempting to destroy a slipgate that's been captured by the GDF before the GDF can uncover the slipgate's secrets.

Sit back and enjoy the clips and don't forget to check back at 8pm for the review.