Quake Wars patched already

v1.1 client update kicks off game improvements planned by Splash Damage

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars has splashed down in the UK today and there's already a patch out.

The v1.1 update marks the beginning of Splash Damage's post-release support for the game, and is "pretty small and contains a few things that will improve your Enemy Territory: Quake Wars experience", it's explained on the official community website.

Quake Wars players should receive the patch through the game's auto-updater, although download mirrors have been provided just in case.

The update addresses the following:

  • Updated Linux client compatibility
  • Fixed performance drop of soft particles on some graphics cards
  • Removed XP award for destroying newly spawned vehicles (spawn camping)
  • Improved bot control of the GDF Titan Tank
  • Fixed dedicated LAN server administrators reverting to default group on map change
  • Fixed players occasionally not being able to change the mission they are on
  • Server Launcher now clears the map rotation when changing game mode
  • Fixed localized clients reverting to unlocalized if player starts a lite server on the same PC
  • Fixed image pure check (anti-cheating) erroneously failing for MegaTextures