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Mod news: Mind

And it was all a dream?

We haven't exactly seen a deluge of Doom 3 mods since the game's release, so it's all the more intriguing to discover Mind, by a mod team named NeuroLab. This strange-looking singleplayer psychological adventure is set in a starkly minimalist world filled with blank spaces, white rooms, and spooky goings-on.

The trailer shows weird psychological visions, while the tech demo sees the player jumping between floating platforms in white space, and being attacked by abstract eyeballs. What's more, the developers NeuroLab have said that this won't be a Doom 3 mod that involves shooting. So what exactly do they have in mind? (Sigh - Ed).
In an attempt to find out just what was going on in Mind's weird white rooms, we spoke to project lead Nicola Capecci. Are they really going to make a Doom 3 game with no guns? Could this actually be a Doom 3-powered puzzle game?

"Puzzle is not the right word, but I think is the only one that can fit the game," said Capecci. "The whole mod is concentrated on abilities. For example, in some areas you can see the exit on the other side of the map, but to reach it you have to complete some puzzles, like moving platforms with switches, destroying walls to open another area, or using telekinesis to move objects." Mind will give the player abilities to lift and manipulate objects, in the Half-Life 2 gravity-gun way.

Capecci explains that it's not all puzzle-action: "It is not only this, you have also to be careful, because death is behind every corner, so the player have to watch where he walks." Fists and fighting will also be the answer to some of the problems you face in this game.

So what was the inspiration for all this white-textured weirdness? Capecci explains: "At the beginning wasn't a real mod, but just one map where I was trying to import assets to Doom 3 with simple blank textures. Then there was not only one map but two, and so on. So at the beginning it was only a test for learning D3 Radiant [the Doom 3 level editor - Ed]. Then, as I'm a music composer, I recorded some tracks inspired by the look of the level. So no real inspiration, just the evolution of a test."

Capecci is aiming to release Mind later this year. "Things are going quickly just now. The basic code is done, textures done and music is on the way. The other guys are recording the voice lines for the characters, so most of the work is on the maps now." NeuroLab are aiming for November, but we'll have to wait and see.

Type: Single-player
Percentage complete: 75%