Microsoft quietly releases 'new' Xbox 360?

Reports surface on revised-hardware version of the console appearing at retail

An expected revised-hardware version of Xbox 360 featuring a 65nm CPU appears to have been quietly released into the wild by Microsoft.

Codenamed 'Falcon' internally by the company, first word on the 'new' console appeared in July this year.

A 65-nanometer processor replaces the older 90-nanometer CPU, in theory delivering greater stability.

A number of users on the Xbox forums say the new 65nm 360 is out, with first dibs apparently going to the Halo 3 special edition consoles that Microsoft has released.

On top of that,there's a post detailing how to identify whether the Xbox 360 you have is one of the new 65nm models.

Microsoft's UK arm was unavailable for comment at the time of writing, although it's previously told CVG, "Updating components is common practice within the industry. Microsoft does not comment on these upgrades."