The best Galaxy screens yet

14 lush images show how Mario's latest could be game of the year...

Super Mario Galaxy's release is getting unbearably, groin grabing-ly close, as proved by today's official website launch in the Land of the Rising Sun. And look - new screens!

This batch of images should put to rest any worries Mario fans have over the variety in Galaxy's environments. As you can see the traditional roster of deserts, water worlds and green fields are all set to feature in his Wii quest, and the water looks so good we can't wait to dive right in - though we won't, as the bosses won't replace our nice telly.

If you have a poke around this page you'll also find pictures of the new Wii Remote security jacket (not the official name), which Nintendo will start shipping with the Wii at the end of the year, for erm, you lot who can't hold the remote properly.


For more lovely, lovely art and movies head over to the Japanese website. Happy navigating.