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Io: Why the f**k does everybody do deathmatch?

No-one is trying new stuff in the multiplayer arena says Kane & Lynch dev, fighting the case for its own online effort

By now you've probably heard all about Kane & Lynch's intriguing multiplayer mode, 'Fragile Alliance', which puts 8-players in the middle of a bank heist and lets them be as greedy or backstabbing as they fancy.

Lead designer Kim Krogh explained to CVG last week that Io Interactive had to keep the mode under wraps because it's "fairly easy to duplicate", and it was worried that other developers might steal it's ideas. "When we talked about this a couple of years ago it was like 'f**k, why didn't anyone do this before?!'" he said. "It seemed really obvious."

"I mean, multiplayer's been around for 15 years or so and some deathmatch and capture the flag games are really tight and have evolved over 10 years like Team Fortress 2 - that's been in development for nine years. Of course they have a really nice game there but we couldn't really figure out why the f**k everybody makes deathmatch.

Krogh continues: "Everybody's trying out a lot of new stuff in single-player and really working on the mechanics, the experiences and all that stuff but no-one is doing that in multiplayer."

"We decided to try something different".

You can read our hands-on impressions with Kane & Lynch's attempt here, which is certainly far more welcome than another cut 'n paste CTF, but how long it will keep us entertained remains to be seen.

Look for the full interview with Krogh shortly.