Sonic delays Smash Bros. Wii

Fanboy's dreams come true as Sonic speeds into Smash Bros. Brawl - but a Japanese delay to next year is the trade-off

In a double strike Nintendo has granted the wishes of fanboys worldwide, and then stirred up a little disappointment as well.

After all the hoping and crying Sonic is officially in Super Smash Bros. Brawl!

Look at him running around in the official character trailer - and it's not the rubbish next-gen Sonic either; he's awash with plenty of oldschool sound effects an animations. We officially cannot wait for this game.

Unfortunately it looks like Nintendo has used the smashing debut to cover up news a lot less pleasing; in Japan the Wii Smash Bros has slipped into January next year. Now word on if the North American release has been pushed back as well, but us lot in Europe were always due to get in next year anyway.


Deep breaths though, as Nintendo promises online co-op for the next game, though we're not quite sure it what form it'll appear. Cheer yourself up with the Sonic screens below.