M&S Olympics goes all Mario Kart

Special 'Dream Events' offers more arcade and less sim multiplayer action

Our mates at Sega have just sent the first word on the Mario Kart-style 'Dream Events' in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, and they certainly seem more down our alley than the button-mashing sim stuff.

Four Dream Events will feature in the final game, moving away from the hard-faced Olympic stadiums to more colourful, Mario or Sonic-specific worlds for power-up collecting, special move-busting antics.

Dream Race, we're told, is a bit like Mario Kart. It takes place on the Sandhill Race Course which is littered with power-ups and large enough to accommodate four racers.

Dream Platform meanwhile is a mental 10,000M dive through a tropic reef, soaring through hoops and performing aerial tricks. Dream Fencing is a special attack-filled face-off in the Jungle and Dream Table Tennis sounds a bit like Rockstar's version but in space, and with Yoshi special attacks.

It looks like Mario and Sonic's Olympics has more to show than we thought...