Portal: 360 vs PC movies

So how does the 360 version look alongside its BIG brother?

Valve's Orange Box is almost with us (Friday). And the question we get asked more than that one girls ask us ('will you stop staring?') is how does the 360 version rate besides the daddy PC version? Well, for Portal at least the answer is right here.

As you can see the both Half-Life 2 and Portal are looking fantastic running on Xbox 360, and the latter looks almost identical without in-depth nit-picking.

One thing to note between the two Portal versions though is the difference in control. As you can see - and probably imagine - the game's puzzling antics are a lot more laid back with an Xbox 360 joypad (and less jerky), which is one of the reasons we prefer the console version over PC.

Half-Life 2 meanwhile is looking even better than before.

Orange Box is out on Xbox 360 this Friday (with the EA-developed PS3 version to follow later). Check out our Portal Xbox 360 review here.