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Pro Evo Wii revealed!

World first impressions and screens on the Wii version of PES 2008

We're live from Seville, for the annual Pro Evo Soccer finals and hot off the presses are our very first impressions of the Wii version of the game.

Producer 'Greyhound' Chosogabe was live on stage demoing the world premiere look at the Wii version of PES 2008 and while still very recognisably PES, the new control method afforded by the Wii-mote is going to make this a very different ball game.

First up, the hard facts: PES 2008 on Wii is set for a spring 2008 debut and Greyhound confirmed that it will feature two-player action, playable simultaneously on the same screen.


However the Wii-mote is going used in a number of innovative ways to make this a very different version from your standard gamepad-led PES experience.

You'll simply point with the controller to make your player dribble with the ball and he'll follow wherever your Wii-mote leads.

The Wii-mote will also allow you to direct players into making precise off-the-ball runs and pass into open spaces with a great degree of accuracy. Passes were made using the A-button to play short dinks to a team-mate or launch long crossfield balls, while shooting was accomplished by a simple shake of the nunchuck.

There was even a demo of how you'll be able to get your back four to step up and spring an offside trap.

It all looked pretty impressive if a touch confusing at first glance, with lots of arrows showing player direction and movement and potential passes.

Still, Greyhound finished with a demo game he'd played against his own development team and we have to say it does look quite tasty, even though we'll probably have to recalibrate our own long-honed PES instincts to take full advantage.

Hands-on and further interview time tomorrow should provide the proof of the pudding and a chance for a more in-depth analysis, but for the moment, content yourself with this fine selection of screens and dream of the Wii-delights to come.