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Valve Confirm Companion Cube Toy Before Christmas

Portal players weep with salty joy.

If you haven't completed Portal yet, you might want to stop reading here and get the hell on with it. If you have, there's a 76.3% chance you've thought "I want a Companion Cube toy IMMEDIATELY." Well, you can have one before the end of the year, says Valve's Director of Business Development Jason Holtman - after a little nudging from Gabe.

The specifics come from a mail sent to a Penny Arcade forum member, who kindly related it to the world there. Portal writer Erik Wolpaw also posted on one of the interweb's nine billion forum suggesting the tie-in, to say simply: "It looks like you may actually be more or less getting your wish very soon."

A few other Portal-related diamonds have emerged from what might charitably be called the 'rough' of the official Steam forums - which I confess I spent an unauthorised coffee-break trawling this morning. I was eagre to see if the muddy mainstream would respond to Portal's sparkling wit and unsettling black heart, and they really have.


One user points out a hideously fey but immediately desirable 'tribute' wallpaper to our polyhedral friend. Clicking it caused me to simultaneously go "Ick!" and immediately set it as my desktop background. We suspect the artist didn't try waiting a minute or two at the menu screen after he completed the game, given the title of the piece.

Elsewhere another player shares his ingenious solution to the vent-too-high puzzle - only to find almost all respondants solved it the same way. Chair-stacking seems to be even more popular than the intended solution: to goad the rocket turret into blasting open a cube-supply tube. But the star of the thread is DJDash, who came up with a real stroke of genius. "What I did is create an endless loop, took a random object and put it in the loop, which made it accelerate really fast, and quickly made the exit portal next to the glass to break it (it works)."

Lastly, a slightly guilty pleasure. A thread on how the Portal universe links in to the Half-Life one is a breeding ground for hilariously inaccurate interpretations. Apparently GLaDOS was also the Combine Advisor Breen was taking orders from? I guess I must have missed something when I played it.

In case you missed them, our review of Portal is here, and our post about That Song has been updated with how to get the MP3 of it from your game files.