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Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron

Now the force can be with you always. Even on the bendy bus

The other two Battlefront games on PS2 were praised as strong shooters that gave a real feeling of being in a Star Wars film. So is this third PSP-exclusive title up to scratch? For the most part, yes. The single-player game is enjoyable, with a good story told using well-illustrated cutscenes.

However, the main meat is in the game's multiplayer. It allows up to eight players to participate via Ad-Hoc mode with up to 16 players online. Your character can be personalised using the new customisation options. There are bucketloads of options and even though it's a hell of a cliché, there are millions of combinations when it comes to creating your new indestructible hero.


But enough of that, how does it play? Well, that's what we meant by "for the most part". The fact is, even though the game looks fantastic, sounds great and is immensely playable, there are still times where that tiny analogue nub on the PSP gets annoying. So annoying that you'll turn red in the face and try and Force Crush your fellow commuters. Bad Vader! Bad.Turning around is fiddly - and while this is usually just about acceptable, it becomes frustrating in the heat of battle.

Control issues
It may be a bit unfair to dock a game points because of a control system that the developer has no control over, but the fact remains that this would have been much more enjoyable using a Dual Shock's analogue sticks instead.

That said, Renegade Squadron is still an extremely entertaining game with an online multiplayer mode that could potentially have you playing for months.

At least when you play online, it makes for an enjoyable experience because everyone's in the same boat control-wise. The vast number of online modes also means that it's going to be a hell of a long time before you can safely say you've seen everything the game has to offer.

Even though we've tried our best to resist another Star Wars reference, we couldn't. The force is strong in this one. It's a shame that the fiddly controls mean it'll take a bit longer to master. It's more Youngling than Yoda.

The verdict

Renegade Squadron looks great and has some fantastic online multiplayer modes, but it unfortunately suffers from a sluggish control system. Still worth a bash if you're a fan though.

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