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Exclusive Call of Duty 4 movies

Four doses of white hot footage from the Modern Warfare demo

We've strapped on US combat boots and taken the fight to the Middle East in the Call of Duty 4 PC demo, ducking bullets to bring you this gameplay footage (which we had planned to run last Friday, but had to delay due to a technical hitch).

We've captured four movies, so lock your eyeballs on them in our video player. God does this look good?

Let's just say that if you've not yet downloaded the demo, do so. In the transition from WWII to modern-day warfare, Infinity Ward's lost none of its skill in punching you repeatedly in the face with intense combat. In fact if anything, it's upped the intensity ante in CoD 4.

Set in the Middle East, the level in the demo is titled The Bog, where you're fighting as part of US outfit 1st Force Recon and engaging with Al-Asad's (aka bad guy) forces. Get into the fight.