PES Wii: Classic Control denied...

Producer confirms no CC support, plus Wii gameplay video inside

As you may know last week we were over in Seville, Spain, getting the low down on the new versions of our favourite soccer title, chatting to exec producer Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka and of course defending England's crown as European journo five-a-side champions.

However we know you're intrigued by the Wii version of PES so we also managed to have a full and frank sit down with Wii Producer Akiyoshi 'Greyhound' Chosogabe to have a natter about developments on the Wii side of the touchline.

During the course of our extremely interesting natter we quizzed Greyhound on the possible online component of the game, the hardcore versus casual emphasis and even whether we'd be able to strap a Wii-mote onto our boots (which they actually did try initially).

However most intriguing of all was that Greyhound confirmed that despite the Wii version being based on PS2 PES, that there would be no Classic Controller support for the game.

Greyhound told us: "Technically it's possible to have Classic Controls. But I'm focussing on creating a brand new game system so I don't have any plans to use the Classic Controller."

So there you have it, Classic Controller denied and Wii fans will have to adapt to what is looking like an extremely interesting but quite brave motion-controlled version of the title.

We did have a quick bash ourselves on the training mode and can report that while it's relatively easy to pick up and use in that mode, it's very different from your standard version of PES and we'll have to reserve full judgement for a proper one-on-one match.

However we did also score this extensive movie (top right). Look out for the core components of Wii control, including short and long passes, shooting and even stepping up for the offside trap.

Look out for the full Greyhound interview soon.