Killzone: The Online Frontline

Guerrilla Games drops precious hints about Killzone 2 multiplayer

You've probably just about recovered from how shockingly fantastic Killzone 2 looks now. You know all about the unparalleled facial animations that give even Half-Life 2's mo-capped emoting a run for its money, and we've told you good and proper about the scintillating gunplay. Yes, to say Killzone 2 looks promising is a bit like saying beer is nice, that lying down is easy, or that a Pete Doherty remark is the obvious choice in these sorts of analogies.

But what of the multiplayer? With Killzone 2 spearheading the next wave
of PS3 titles, it'd be safe to assume that it'll be taking that assault online too. Resistance has proved a hit with PS3 owners so far, and Warhawk will surely storm PS3's servers. Yet so far Killzone 2's developer, Guerrilla, has kept schtum about what online options we can expect to see. A couple of very vague hints have been dropped, and PSW has seized upon them like a pack of hungry papps on a bleary-eyed Pete Doherty.


Let's work together
First up, we can definitely expect at least a two-player Co-op mode. Take Halo 3. When rumours started spreading that its developer, Bungie, was considering dropping the Co-op mode, all hell broke loose among the fanboys and their furious responses in forums made Bungie change its mind. Plus, Guerrilla's boss has said, "We're not talking about Co-op - at the moment", so it's there all right. Co-op is coming.

As for multiplayer options, Home will be used, as will Killzone.com, so we imagine there'll be scope for advanced clan-based gameplay. You'll be able to meet up with comrades and opponents in the social areas of Home to check out the rankings, talk tactics and throw down challenges to your heart's content. Expect online leaderboads here too, and perhaps even user-created content too - anyone want to design their own custom camouflage or edit footage of their best assaults? Perhaps pen some particularly fearsome clan tattoos? Potentially, Killzone 2's online world will be your oyster.