HL2 Episode Two: PC vs. 360 movies

Let's get ready to RUMBLE!

In the red corner, weighing in at one heavy Steam download, Half-Life 2: Episode Two on PC. In the blue corner, weighing in at a bit of a DVD, Half-Life 2: Episode Two on Xbox 360.

It's time for a visual face-off between the two FPS giants as we present you with videos - which we've poured sweat, blood and tears into - stacking both side by side for comparison.

Depending on your leaning, the video's available in top-and-bottom version or left-and-right version. We like to cater for everyone.

Anyway, as you can see, it's a closely fought contest with each Episode Two outing throwing visual haymakers, but the PC version has the edge (considering it's running on a machine costing at least three times as much as an Xbox 360, it bloody well should do).

So what settings were we running Episode Two on PC on? MAXIMUM EVERYTHING!

  • Detail model: High
  • Texture detail: Very high
  • Shader detail: High
  • Water detail: Reflect all
  • Shadow detail: High
  • Antialiasing mode: 16xQ CSAA
  • Filtering mode: Anisotropic 16x
  • High Dynamic Range: Full
  • Motion Blur: Enabled
  • Resolution: 1280x1024/1280x720

We've run the same visual comparison test with Portal, so once you've viewed the Episode Two video there's even more for your discerning eyes to pore over.

And of course, don't let us stop you shouting out your opinions in the comments below. More soon.