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Freaky Folklore trailer = BOO!

Unusual and better than most other game trailers...

So Folklore? A good game with great SixAxis controls that's been well received all round? Well I never. What next, rumble?

According to PSW's review, "It's a game with high production values throughout, and although the game can easily be split into two main strands - netherworld sections and those which have you running around Lemrick - the visual quality on offer and the range of creatures makes the game a delight, despite things being rather linear."

Sony has released a new TV ad for the game that's better than most we've seen of late. Crank up the sound for the spine-tingling, spooky sounds and spookier finale.

Don't expect to see this on your tellies before the 9pm watershed. Parents (and the Daily Mail) would love it!