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TF2 video face-off: PC vs. Xbox 360

Which rocket jump looks the best?

We've already sat Xbox 360 and PC versions of Half-Life 2: Episode Two and Portal next to each other for visual comparison, and now our attention finally turns to Team Fortress 2.

Following a number of stabs at achieving what it desired with the sequel to TFC, Valve opted to stick pretty close to that predecessor's gameplay but drummed up a vibrant and genius art style at its HQ. TF2's as excellent to play as it is to gaze upon.

But... PC? Or Xbox 360? On which platform does it look best, or is it so close that there's nary a gnat's chuff between them?

We've been blasting away at 2Fort and Dustbowl maps in both versions and captured some video, which we've slapped side by side for a bout of visuals willy waving.

Although TF2 on PC isn't a saveloy to Xbox 360's chipolata, it's visually superior - when the game's running with every graphical setting on maximum.

And as we said when we ran the Episode Two comparison, our gaming PC makes a lot bigger dent in the wallet than the Xbox 360. But then the only way to play TF2 is with mouse and keyboard...

You can find our Portal visual comparison here, and our Episode Two comparison here.