Xbox 360 finally outsells Wii

Halo 3 pushes Microsoft's consoles ahead of Nintendo for month of September

In September the Xbox 360 finally outsold the world-dominating Nintendo Wii in North America... and it's all thanks to Halo 3.

According to figures released by the NPD Group, Bungie's shooter drove sales of the Xbox 360 console to over 528,000 units, besting the cheaper Wii's 501,000 units flogged for the month of September.

You could of course argue that the Wii had bugger all games released for it last month, and still scraped the bottom of Microsoft's numbers, but then we'd be being very cynical, wouldn't we?

The Chief's latest broke all box office records by making $170 million on its first day. It's now gone on to sell well over $300 million.

Nintendo took second and third place with 282,000 copies of Wii Playand 224,000 copies of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass sold in the US.