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Bill Roper: "Definitely" more Hellgate stories to tell

Flagship Studios boss tells CVG about his hopes for Hellgate's future

Flagship Studios CEO Bill Roper has said that there are "definitely" more stories the developer wants to tell in the Hellgate universe.

"For us, one of the reasons that the game was Hellgate: London is that we wanted to talk about... Well, it's two-fold. One, the city itself is very important to the game, the architecture of the city and what lies beneath the streets of London - giving elements of London itself that are part of a story and part of the gameplay as well.

"But for us we've been looking and saying, 'Well, these are the stories we're telling in London, this is what's happening now in this place'. We would love to be able to then explore what's happening in other places during this time", Roper told us in an interview which we'll be publishing in full shortly.

He explained Flagship views Hellgate as being a story that has very many different facets to it that can be related, citing WWII as an example and how you can observe the variety of experiences of countries during one major overarching event.

"For us it's that same type of idea. Hopefully we'll get that opportunity through games, through other properties - like books and comics - and be able to look at those things, and look at other parts of the world and explore what happened", Roper said.

"And we really do hope we get that chance to do it with more games. If the game's [Hellgate: London] popular, if people like it, then I guess there's a chance we can do more."