Rockstar upset causes Simpsons GTA cut

Grand Theft Scratchy gets the cut as Rockstar has its feathers ruffled

Earlier this month, lead designer on EA's Simpsons game told CVG that a number of games companies were upset by the game parodies littered throughout The Simpsons, including Rockstar.

"We've definitely had some reactions - we've had to pull stuff from the game", lead designer Greg Rizzer told us during an exclusive interview.

Now it seems a bit clearer who the reactions might have come from, as a trailer previously parodying GTA called Grand Theft Scratchy has been rebranded to the less clever "Mob Rules", proving that Rockstar was one of the companies that had its feathers ruffled by The Simpsons gags.

The first hint of offence came at this year's Games Convention in Leipzig, where "someone" took offence at a poster for 'Grand Theft Scratchy', one of the levels in the game, and asked that it be taken down.

It's not as if Rockstar has ever used other people's work for satire...