First PES DS shots

With some serious block-o-vision...

Fifa 08 and PES 2008 have sorted the console lads out with their footy fix for the year, and here are the first shots of what Konami has knocked together on DS.

We're looking forward to seeing how it handles on the portable, especially after Pro Evo 6 didn't do too bad a job. But one thing's for sure, however: it's going to be a technical showcase for the DS by any stretch.

Look at the shot with the number 10 shirt taking a free-kick. There's some serious block-o-vision going on there, which is disappointing when put aside some of the gorgeous first-party 3D titles on the relatively low-powered machine.

But in the end, if the game runs smoothly and plays well, it'll be worth a punt despite the Lego visuals.