Mario Galaxy reviewed - scores high in Famitsu

And some American dude has the game already. Bastard...

Is Super Mario Galaxy as good as we all expect (and hope)? Yes, according to Famitsu, who've scored the game a whopping 38/40 in the latest issue.

The four reviewers of the Japanese publication gave it 10, 9, 9, 10, paying special tribute to how well the game uses the Wii Remote, as we've said in our extensive previews.

It's also apparently a fairly decent length too, which settles our fears of a six-hour rush job.

Can't wait? Neither can we. One magazine wanted it so desperately it even featured a fake review.

Its November 16 release means there's not long to wait. But one lucky git doesn't have to; there are copies of Nintendo's masterpiece floating around in American retail stores and one employee is already flashing the goods around on the internet.

Here, he shows off that disc you want so badly, and then he turns the camera to the TV, here and here (via Kotaku), to tease you as he plays.

Quick boys, get him.