Kill Richard Garriott on Friday

Well, his Tabula Rasa avatar General British anyway in beta climax event

Sci-fi MMO Tabula Rasa's beta period is ending with a special mission event - to track down and kill General British, Richard Garriott's in-game persona.

NCSoft's "Kill General British!" event, as it's called, happens this Friday between 7pm and 9pm, and we're reliably informed the company will be giving away beta keys via the official Tabula Rasa website later today - so if the event tickles your fancy, keep an eye on here.

UPDATE: Here's a direct link to the beta keys.

"A large team of developers and NCE team leads will join up in-game on Fri 26th... to act as a 'Rogue team of Tabula Rasa Agents' and generate mayhem for players!", an NCSoft rep has told us.

Plus, Tabula Rasa beta participants can take advantage of a little thank you present-giving in the shape an in-game emote only available to testers.

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