Lara Croft: Ten Years Younger

Video: Classic T-Rex battle revisited

This Friday heralds in the better-late-than-never 360 version of Tomb Raider: Anniversary. Thanks to the power of video capture, we've dug up Croft's original PSone adventure and lined it up against the 360 version of Eidos' latest title to graze inside the Croft Manor stable. See how the 12-year gap looks when they're put next to each other in this exclusive movie.

If you passed over PS2 and PC versions of Tomb Raider: Anniversary, and have no idea about the story and gameplay features awaiting you, then click off and read our review to get up to speed.

The 360 version is essentially the same in terms of content and gameplay, though its obviously a better looking model. It's no true 'next-gen' Lara adventure by any stretch of the imagination, however.

What it is though is a bloody good game that really does return the series to its roots of raiding big, open, empty tombs literally seeping with archaeological atmosphere and tension. Eidos is throwing the game out there for £30 with some online retailers dropping that to £25, if you fancy a punt.

The most famous (and iconic) scene from the original and remake is the T-Rex battle in the Lost Valley portion of the game. We dug up the original PSone version (that CVG magazine awarded 5/5 and a 'High Five' award, no less - there's even a badge on the box) and, thanks to the power of PlayStation 3, we go it running on our lovely office HD telly.

Boy do those blocks look big. Not the ones Lara pushes and pulls but the ones that Lara's actually made of.

Controlling old Lara with the d-pad is a nightmare. So you'll have to forgive us running into walls, especially when there's a T-Rex chasing you. Still, you can't beat its atmosphere and this is what the series should have stuck with all along.

Check out the movie player to the right for our comparison of the PSone (smoothing options turned on, by the way), and 360 versions. The latter is a re-imagining of the original, in case you're wondering what the point of this is. Enjoy what's now classed as retro gaming...