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Simpsons in-game movies

Better than the film...? Have a look for yourself

EA's The Simpsons videogame launches today and we've been giving the Xbox 360 version a prod - while capturing our gameplay skills on video.

Like most people on the planet, we love the Simpsons so decided to grab three movies for you to take a look at.

On show is a combination of the action and platforming in EA's game, puzzles and how the pair of characters present in each level - in this case Bart and Homer - work together to overcome conundrums and a sneaky peek at the Gaming Cliché unlocks.

Oh, and you also might like to check out the Tomb Raider parody and listen to Homer's quips.

The Simpsons parodies 30 years of videogaming, going right back to Pong and moving fun-pokingly forward through the ages.

In fact, EA has unturned as many gaming stones as it can, even going out East to Japan and including cheeky nods to the likes of Katamari Damacy and Okami.

Take a look at the review here.