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Capcom in Okami forum fight

Capcom answers to gamers' "lazy Wii port" complaints

Okami is coming to Wii. We thought "great!" but lots of you hit Capcom's forums shouting "another lazy f-ing Wii port", and Capcom's not taking that lying down.

The company's senior director of strategic planning and research, Christian Svensson, hit the boards to defend Capcom's work on the epic PS2 quest.

"We selected Ready at Dawn to do the port. These guys are all ex-Naughty Dog and ex-Blizzard," he said. "If we wanted a cheap and dirty port, I could have turned around and picked any one of 50 houses and gotten it done for less and perhaps more quickly. Clearly, that wasn't the approach we sought for a variety of reasons (for the fans, for the reputation of our company, for the potential of the product, etc.).

"Given that the only port we've done to date was RE4, which has a 90+ gamerankings score and provided AMAZING value for the platform, has this really been Capcom's modus operendi such that this allegation should be leveled at us?" a clearly frustrated Svensson adds.

"Zack & Wiki is getting better reviews than just about anything you'll see this year on Wii, except possibly Galaxy. Shovelware is not what we do," he continued.

He goes on to explain that Ready at Dawn is first concentrating on getting the whole game running on Wii before thinking about enhancements. Svensson said: "As we are NOT at that point in the process yet, we are loathe to even mention any potential changes or enhancements for fear of disappointing the fans/media."

Why no graphical enhancements? "Okami is graphically one of the most impressive games on any platform today, and it's fair to say, we're not creating new higher res textures or higher poly models on anything. It doesn't need it."

And in justifying the descision not to add any new levels or challenges, he says: "We've got no current plans to make a 40-60 hour game 50-70 hours." Fair point.

Take a look at what else was said in the Capcom forums, then discuss below.