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Lost: The Videogame

Mystery island

You know what the biggest mystery about Lost is? How Hurley's stayed so fat. Yeah, we went there.

Some information about Lost: The Video Game has finally surfaced, and rather surprisingly it's looking like it might not be the steaming pile of polar bear poop one would naturally assume it to be.

You play a survivor of the plane crash that stranded the cast of Lost on a mysterious tropical island, and stricken with amnesia, you must uncover the details of your past through a series of flashbacks, which in turn help you to solve problems on the island.

It's the same format the TV show takes, and it'll work along the same timeline too - half the fun (but hopefully less) is in seeing where the game and the show match up, well, if you're continuity fans like us.

Lost is all about clever twists, such as random people arbitrarily knowing one other, so no doubt familiar characters and locations will feature in your past too, as well as on the island (Hurley, Jack, Locke, Sawyer, are all milling about, as well as The Others, the Smoke Monster and the Black Rock).

The developers have promised that the game won't reveal any big Lost secrets, but instead add new layers to the Lost universe, as it's plotted by two of the shows executive producers (the guys who come up with the plot).

But for a series which thrives so much on canon, pedantry, and devoted nerds slaving over still frames, we worry that a 'video game' might just be too clumsy a vehicle in which to deliver the subtle narrative of Lost.

It might, however, explain the Hurley phenomenon.