It's the PSM3 Seabass Interview... the lowdown on the PES slowdown controversy

So we promised you an exclusive interview with PES creator Seabass, and here it is...

So click over there to the right, and you'll be able to see us quizzing Seabass on all the PES issues that matter to you - did we use the question you contributed? Only one way to find out.

But speaking of the PES issues that matter, we promised you the PSM3 take on the PES slowdown controversy. Does it slow down? Doesn't it? We said we'd tell if the absolute final boxed game suffered from frame rate issues. Well...

...yes. It really does, but it's far more noticeable in four-player matches than any other time. Don't think, though, that you won't see it during solo or two-player games, mind - and it's rife in the cut-scenes and replays, which have an awful frame rate. Some pitches are far worse for slowdown than others too - typically, the ones with complicated grass patterns. We stick to playing at the Teatro Blanco stadium, which has the least chugging.

There is one thing you can do to alleviate it, though - there's an option in the menus to install the game to your hard drive, so do that. You'll still need the disc to play, but this handy option does things like remove the need for the game to stream the commentary direct from the Blu-ray, giving PES more time to concentrate on things like, well, actually making the game run properly. It will still slow down sometimes, though, but it helps a little.

So there you go. It's a crying shame, but the game is still playable, despite what you may have heard from some quarters. That it slows at all is inexcusible, but you can learn to overlook it, and play the game despite it. You'll get by, certainly - it's still disappointing, though.

But you'll get over it - so don't let all this put you off getting PES this weekend. It's still a very good game. Just not the stellar offering it used to be...